Belo Medical Group 30 Years Anniversary

Design Proposal

For Belo Medical Group’s 30 year anniversary, we were given a chance to send them our design proposal for their modular booth display to be showcased across various malls. The design had to include holographic elements, lighted logo signages & neon lights, seating area, and a consultation room. To further add, we had to include their 30th year slogan “Beauty is a joy forever.”

First booth setup at the Ayala Manila Bay Malls

The booth production was done by our sister company, Brushstroke Creatives. This included the risers, panels, tables, and signages.

A close up of the 30 YEARS signage

One of the major requirements in creating the booth design was to make it as modular as possible. The platform was split into 2 x 1 meter panels for easier transportation. This has allowed the booth to be setup into a 4 x 6 meter floor space, and a smaller 4 x 4 meter space.

A view of the lounge area, and the consultation room

The dividers and the tables were custom made using clear acrylic panels that were bended and shaped. The items also had a dichroic film finish for a holographic effect.

Additional neon lights also adorned some of the panels.

Back view of the panels with cutout stickers