Our Story

Designery (Design + Nursery / Hatchery) latches on the need to bring innovative interior design ideas to its customers who play in the growing real estate industry in the Philippines.

Designery is a design hub that targets designers, architects, and contractors who need to cultivate more modern and upscale schemes for their own clients. We look forward to collaborating with clients who want to give their homes and office spaces a more personal touch. This includes the newlyweds, business owners, and young professionals who want to implement their own designs with a touch of modernity.

Bespoke designs need not be costly; as we offer innovative home designs through our all-in-one center, we ensure that our clients, in return, will be able to innovate their homes in more ways than one. Contact us for more details.

Our Warehouse Showroom

From left: Custom wallpaper, Fabricated plant hanger, Custom cabinet sticker & refurbish, Custom mesh curtain


Wall accent cut-out with whiteboard sticker & neon light

Lighted structure with sticker

Canvas artwork print and leather pillow print




Our Team

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