Interior Design Solutions in the time of COVID-19


The past few months has been a test for the most of us in terms of our resiliency and creativity. With much of our local partners and the rest of the globe left to quarantine, we’ve been left with the thoughts of what comes next after the pandemic.

As business eventually open little by little, there is a lot to be changed in our perspectives in designing spaces. Cues like social distancing and promoting good hand hygiene practices will be seen throughout.


Offices whether big or small will have to be more flexible in the upcoming months. We will be seeing more work from home situations and a more open work space. Social distancing will be the norm and perhaps a cubicle style will be brought back in areas in the form of a more stylish counterpart.

Colored acrylics or corrugated acrylics can be made to form temporary dividers for work desks and meeting tables. These can function as a sneeze guard to prevent the spread of droplets during face to face meetings.

Coffee Shop Interior Design

Restaurants too will eventually open to the public for dine-in customers. A few critical changes to promote these will come in the form of a reduced seating capacity, a 2-meter spacing per table, and more partitions.

A dedicated take out lane with spaced waiting seats will prepare people while waiting in line. We will be seeing more graphics and signages to remind people to stay in their lanes and maintain proper distancing.

Hospitals and medical clinics will also see a similar change in their layouts to combat virus prevention. Colors will also play a key part in the spaces. With the rise of the feeling of unrest, stress, and anxiety throughout the market due to the virus, more people will look for things to give them a feeling of calmness and reassurance.