The Future of Wellness Design

Design trends change every year and mostly depend on what’s in at the moment. The fast-evolving styles and design did catch up with the current enthusiasm for health and wellness since we’re still in the pandemic. More businessmen are considering the sustainability and the organic perspective when putting up a business.


That’s why we come up with refreshing and aesthetically pleasing pods that you can possibly incorporate with your next business:


  1. NAILS/MASSAGE POD – Have you ever thought about getting your nails done while enjoying the view outdoors? Yes, you can do it with the Nails and Massage Pod! The playful approach in the design was inspired by the stone Terrazzo, which embodies earthiness and a minimalist look. 


2. SPECIALTY DRINK POD – Many customers have switched to a healthy and active lifestyle, healthy drinks have been an option for many. With the Specialty Drink Pod, the design inspiration was greenery and green neon color, reminding us that we can be healthy and enjoy the good vibes at the same time.


3. COVID TESTING POD – Even though the health restriction had eased out, Covid-19 testing centers are still a thing. The Covid Testing Pod’s design was inspired by comfort and an inviting vibe making the customers feel relaxed and less intimidated by the safety protocol procedure.

All pod designs’ primary purpose was to spark the customers’ interest by playing with curves, colors, and textures, making them look approachable and appealing. These designs are practical as they can be placed indoors and outdoors.