COVID Solutions: Cafe & Restaurants

COVID Solutions: Cafe & Restaurants

Interior Design in the time of the Coronavirus

Coffee shop design in the time of the coronavirus will see more acrylic dividers, lesser chairs for dine-in, a clearly designated take-out lane, social distancing stickers.


With some businesses reopening, we need to rethink about how we will be designing these spaces with everyone’s safety in mind. Aside from the usual food preparation measure, we also need to take into account how we will keep the designated dine-in areas properly distanced.



Our forecast sees more divider panels in restaurants and a lesser chair & table set-up to promote proper social distancing. A designated take-out lane  with the same set-up as the dine-in chairs. Spaced accordingly.



There will be more social distancing stickers as well to remind everyone of the practice.



The usual coffee table bar might be closed for some, but there will be a case where we can adjust acrylic counter shields to be thinner with a more stable stand permanently mounted.

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