About the Team

Mary Sy
Principal/ Business Development Manager
The team leader of Designery who has background in Design, Marketing and Business Development. A graduate of Business Administration Major in Sales and Marketing from San Beda College Alabang; took up Fine Arts and Visual Communication from St. Scholastica’s College Manila; took short courses in Interior Design as well as Furniture Design at the SOFA Design Institute; joint Design tours in Europe and a Master’s Degree in Business Administration from Ateneo de Manila University Graduate School of Business.
Hiro Ishikawa
Multimedia Designer/ Business Development Supervisor
A graduate of Bachelor of Arts in Multimedia Arts at the De La Salle - College of Saint Benilde, Hiro is armed and equipped from graphic design to photography, videography and anything in between. His background in Bachelor of Science in Computer Science Major in Instructional Systems Technology greatly influences his design and makes him keep the user or the audience in mind. Aside from his educational background, what influences his designs is his passion for music, car culture, technology, gaming and whatever catches his attention. In order to make an effective design, you have to know what you are designing for and who you are designing for. It’s more than just pleasant, eye-catching visuals, it’s an experience for your audience and you have to really get the connection between the two and emphasize it; make it stronger even. Keeping those things in mind, Hiro creates solutions thru various media may it be static or motion graphics, photography, print . As a designer, it is his job to provide visual communication solutions for their valued clients.
Meg Mercado
Design Solutions Associate
Meg Mercado finished Bachelor in Fine Arts Major in Industrial Design at the University of the Philippines- Diliman. Although she was part of the Science Stream Class back in her High school, she knew that she wants to be part of the Art and Design Industry. Ever since she was young, she had always been fond of design. She showcased her skills not only in her classes but also in events held by the organizations she’s a member of. She headed arts and crafts lessons to children and elderly. She loves sharing the therapeutic effects of arts and design to the common people. She’s been part of a furniture company where she was exposed to different clients with different taste in design. Aside from improving her creative side, she also practiced her skills in sales. Meeting different clients with different perspective in design is not an easy job. But she is continuously learning on how to understand insights and healthy criticisms. She loves meeting various design teams, learning their design principles and styles. Being a member of different organizations, she has always been aware that every person is unique with their own ideas and opinions. She believes that design can be as minimal or can be as extravagant. This being said, she can easily communicate to clients, helping them broaden their imagination
Mabelle Intalan
Showroom Coordinator
Mabelle graduated with a degree on Bachelor of Science in Education but instead of pursuing a career on the same field, she chose to follow her passion for sales and administration. With that, she believes that she can still use what she learned in college, applying it on dealing with different clients. Through the years, she has gained experiences from various industries such as retail, production, office works and manufacturing. With that, she is confident enough to face the challenges working in a design firm. If she will describe herself , she like simple and classic style. She’s open minded and always eager to learn new things. Her fave music are rnb and pop. Her motto in life, “Do what your heart desires.”
Jhastine Falogme
Design Associate
Jhastine is a designer with a Latin honor attached to her BFA Advertising degree title from the University of Santo Tomas. Her love for arts started when she first held a crayon at the tender age of four, surrounded by her uncles who loved anime and video games. Growing up, she kept her passion for drawing and painting as a hobby and decided to pursue it as a career along with design in college. As an advertising major, she was brought up to balance design with advertising principles, and have a bit of background in marketing. Her expertise include graphic design, traditional and non-traditional illustration, and visual merchandising to name a few. As a designer, she's a firm believer that flexibility is the best attribute you can have as you will have different clients with different tastes. An INFP-T by nature, she prefers listening to people talk about their design perspectives, and trying to learn them to improve her own. She's a reserved person who prefers her work do the talking, but that doesn't mean she shies away from the spotlight when given the chance. Jhastine believes she's still a designer who’s a Work In Progress (W.I.P.), still far from her final artwork.
Alex Villena
Interior Designer
Alex graduated with a degree in Interior Design at Batangas State University. His deep appreciation for arts and music including his love for interior and architectural design developed a sharp sense of observation, insight, and creativity. Alex draws inspiration and balance from the places he visits and people he meets. He believes that good design is not just being aesthetically pleasing but should also work for the occupants purposes.
Shane San Agustin
Graphic Artist
Shane is a Bachelor of Fine Arts in Information Design graduate from the Ateneo de Manila University. He is versed in the fields of graphic design, art history and branding. His execution of designs and artworks alike is inspired from an understanding of theoretical circuitry and technology. His passions for music, gaming, fashion, sciences and current trends across various fields drive him to constantly hone his craft in the creative industry. Keeping in mind that going through the whole creative process, and with constant innovation, Shane makes data and information tangible through the various media output available, physical or digital. He provides effective design solutions tailored to the needs of each client while keeping a positive outlook on each endeavor.